Texas Governor Rick Perry Summoned to elite “Bilderberg” Meeting While Opposition to NAFTA Superhighway Builds Nationwide

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s attendance at this year’s Bilderberg meeting was reported today by the Dallas Morning News and confirmed by the Governor’s Press Office as he left Austin for Istanbul– where the exclusive and private meeting of elites from throughout the Western world will take place. The trip could be in violation of the Logan Act which prevents U.S. citizens from unauthorized negotiations with foreign entities.

While the agenda of the meeting is kept secret, the overlap in interests between Governor Perry and Bilderberg are clear, as Texas becomes increasingly overrun by international firms taking control over land, roads and newly privatized utilities– seizing Texas in a manner similar to IMF takeover of third world nations.

Rick Perry has not only been instrumental in the contentious development of the Trans-Texas Corridor– often argued to be necessary infrastructure for regional government under C.F.R. plans for a North American Community and the Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP.gov) signed by President Bush– Rick Perry has also privatized TxU (Texas Utilities), handing it off to global investment firms and private control who are heavily involved in the Bilderberg group.


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