World Exclusive: First Definitive Conclusions of Bilderberg 2007
by Daniel Estulin 01-06-2007

Well, we have our first conclusions of Bilderberg 2007. Robert Zoellick and the World Bank nomination

The US delegation is standing unanimously behind Robert Zoellick´s candidacy as the next President of the World Bank. Zoellick is a 53 year old Wall Street executive, former administration official and a free-market fundamentalist. During the meeting he pledged “to work to restore confidence in the bank…”

Zoellick’s name also raised eyebrows among development groups for his close ties to the US establishment and corporate interests.

One of the attendees, I have not had the confirmation as to who this individual is, asked Zoellick how he was planning to patch up relationships with third and forth world nations when he is best remembered during his tenure as the USTR, for arm-twisting poor nations’ governments to adhere to US-imposed intellectual-property laws that make medicines, for example, unaffordable to the developing world?


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