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Here is Leland Lehrman’s US Senate Platform, New Mexico 2008

As many of you know, I am running for the US Senate Seat in New Mexico currently held by Pete Domenici in 2008. I will be running in the Democratic Party Primary. We have begun collecting signatures and I’d like you to sign up. Here is the current platform. I very much hope you will send in your own particular concerns for inclusion herein.

No War, 9/11 Truth, Repeal Patriot Act, Dismantle Homeland Security Department, Repeal 1947 National Security Act, Decommission Foreign US Military Bases

Impeach President Bush and Cheney. Aggressive investigations of unconstitutional high crimes and misdemeanors, corruption and illegality.

Los Alamos
– Prohibit (Defund) Nuclear Weapons
– Replace Focus with Renewable Energy, Especially Concentrating Solar, Sustainable Transportation and Environmental Remediation.

First Nations Policy
Full Sovereignty, Expanded Support for First Nations and Guadalupe Hidalgo Land Grants
– Honor Treaties “As Long as the Grass Shall Grow and the Water Flow”
– Environmental Justice and Healthy, Respectful, Sustainable Economic Development Assistance
– No Uranium Mining or New Coal Electric Plants
– Aggressive Conversion of Coal Electric Plants to Concentrating Solar Facilities

Immigration Policy
– Repeal NAFTA, Exit WTO, Based on Human, Labor, Environmental Rights. No punishment for innocent laborers seeking good fortune, but aggressive assistance for law enforcement with illegal immigrant crime problems, in particular those involving high-level political machinations.
– No Wall
– No Vaccination Requirement for Residency or Citizenship

Human Rights and Family Policy
– Equal Rights Amendment
– Raise Minimum Wage
– Increase Paid Vacation and Maternity (Paternity) Leave
– Emphasize Creating Healthy Adults By Supporting Young Families
– Children’s Bill of Rights, Funded Programming for Parenting Skills and Home Visitation Services for Young Parents
– Reintegrate Elders Into Society
– Curb Domestic Violence
– Acknowledge Vital Importance of Extended Family and Tribal Connections
– Full Civil Union Rights for GLBT citizens
– Support Second Amendment (Right to Bear Arms) as Necessary Protection of the People Against Dictatorship
– Emphasize Treatment Model of Corrections and End Corporate Ownership of Prisons

– Single Payer, Medicare for All
– Holistic Mind and Body Health Coverage
– Midwifery Coverage, Natural Childbirth Education
– Aggressive Prosecution of Pharmaceutical Company Malpractise
– Reform FDA to Limit Corporate Manipulation of Drug and Food Policy

– Repeal “No Child Left Behind”, Raise Teacher Salaries
– Permaculture and Craft as Fundamental Subjects
– Organic Food in All Public Schools, Encouraged in Private Schools
– Natural Health Education
– Abolish or Modify Vaccination Requirement for school entry
– Civics as Fundamental Every Year Subject: Activism/Advocacy training
– Self-esteem training, goal-attainment training

Farm and Food
– Defund Chemical Agriculture, Prohibit or Severely Regulate Synthetic Pesticide Use, Completely Reconfigure Farm Bill Priorities.
– Abolish Factory Animal Farming
– Emphasize and Fund Smallholder, Organic Family Farming

Ecology and Environment
– Cabinet Level Position
– Fully Funded EPA and Enforcement Division with Citizen Arrest Empowerment
– Regulated to Prevent Corporate Takeover
– Encourage Bioregional Ecological Economic Development
– Integrate Urban/Agricultural Planning to Create Localized Sustainability and Reduce Adverse Effects of Globalized Economy

– Allow Tax Allocation Choice by Citizen
– Investigate 1040 Illegality, Apportionment, Tax Freedom
– Increase Corporate Tax, Prohibit Offshoring to Avoid Taxes, End Corporate Tax Welfare

Economy, Trade and Corporations
– Repeal NAFTA, Exit WTO, Bilateral Trade Agreements Based on Human, Labor, Environmental Rights
– Oppose Globalization, Promote Bioregional Economy and Autonomy
– Abolish Corporate Personhood
– Modify Fiduciary Obligation to include Community and Environment (Institutionalized Triple Bottom Line)
– Aggressive Monopoly Oversight Using Sherman Antitrust Act
– Limit and Aggressively Oversee Corporate Chartering
– Abolish or Modify Limited Liability
– Reinstitute Protective Tariffs for fair trade American jobs and industry and especially national security infrastructure

– Repeal 1913 Federal Reserve Act and Federal Income Tax Amendment
– Prohibit Usury
– Central Bank Under Control of US Treasury (As Constitutionally Mandated)
– Dollar Backed by Basket of Commodities including Silver and Food (Commodity Certificates)
– Consumer, Business Lending Allowable Under Fixed Price/Shared Profit Regimen
– Investment Banking, Profit Sharing Encouraged
– Jubilee Year Declared, Cancellation of US Debt to Federal Reserve, all Developing Nations Debt to US, WTO and IMF and all Consumer Debt.

Election Reform
– Public Financing, Free Media Access
– Voter Verifiable Paper Ballots, Hand Counted Audits
– Mandate/Encourage 50% Women in All Federal Offices

Media Reform
– Reinstitute Fairness in Media Rules, Revoke FCC licenses for corporations which abuse or underserve the public interest
– Protect Internet Access and Net Neutrality
– Limit Media Monopolies

Vision for Changing Los Alamos Video:

Leland Lehrman can be reached at (505) 982-3609 or (505) 473-4458 and by email at leland.lehrman@gmail.com


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  1. Thank you Mr. Lehrman! I shall be sharing this on my show this friday, The Raido Kiosk. Will also share with my friends in New Mexico! Contact Barrett Price, professor at U of NM! Bless you and yours! k

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