A Campaign Video Presentation Courtesy of CCNS is below. You can also view my YouTube Channel.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Leland:

    Excellent, excellent presentation and discussion concerning the dangers of science and the MIC.

    I have some mind blowing documentaries concerning the new age of warfare that you must see.

    We really need to hook this up.

    Nuclear weaponry will continue to be an immense danger and a threat to our survival but now this is coupled with space based weapons and it increases the dangers tenfold…

    Best to you-Donna Volatile

  2. Dear Leland,

    Good video, and ideas, but can I make a suggestion? I hope you won’t take this personally, and I know that most of those running from the Kennebunkport Warning Group are doing so primarily to get our ideas out to the general public (I don’t know if that’s your primary motivation for seeking election to the Senate), but I think you would have more of a chance at winning if you would lose the beard and hat, put on a suit and tie, and make a video in front of a background more suggestive of government, say, in front of the State Capitol in Santa Fe. I know that the “suit and tie” image probably doesn’t fit your style, but, especially because many of your ideas will seem strange and different to most of New Mexico’s electorate, I think you should try not to shock them too much. A more conventional approach to your image might make you more palatable to a wider range of voters in the state.


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